It’s been three and a half years since the first Tokyo winery opened.

“Vegetables” is the reason to open the first winery in Tokyo

The five currently incubated boxes are lined up

Miwa Echigoya, representative of Tokyo Winery, opened a winery when she met vegetables in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. Echigoya, originally a market wholesaler, was assigned to the production area development department. With the policy “as a market in Tokyo, handle vegetables in Tokyo”, we will increase our engagement with Tokyo farmers. While thinking “Can you grow vegetables in Tokyo?”, I went to Nerima Ward, which has 40% of the agricultural land in Tokyo.

Since I have come across delicious vegetables there, I wanted to think “I want to convey the deliciousness of vegetables in Tokyo.” I was not dissatisfied with wholesaling, but when I was wondering what could be seen in the agriculture and food sectors, I came up with an intention to open a winery. I decided to open a winery in Nerima, which gave me the opportunity to learn about vegetables in Tokyo, and moved to Japan.

Although Japanese wine has exploded in recent years, overseas production is the mainstream in the wine scene. Even more so at that time, Japanese wine will remain in the future. Why would you choose a wine without a “locally produced and consumed in place” image as the work of your life? Also, how did you connect it to “to convey the charm of vegetables in Tokyo”?

First meeting with wine

Okinawa mountain grapes will become wine from now on

Echigoya said he originally liked alcohol. We believe that wine is suitable to convey the flavor of produce. “Wine is made from 100% agricultural products without adding water, so the flavor of agricultural products is released.”

And you can enjoy “marriage” with food for wine. “I want to combine wine with vegetables. I want to convey the appeal of agricultural produce with wine using the same local soil and water.”

At the cafeteria, we serve snacks made from vegetables along with wine, called lunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Like wine, I’m glad that the vegetables are delicious. I feel that there will be a gradual impact, such as a customer becoming interested in the vegetables they ate for the first time and actually buying them.

Also, we send wine to Tokyo Winery supporters twice a year, and at that time, we always ship vegetables made in Tokyo. The purpose is also to let people know about vegetables of unknown origin. “If you get an unclear vegetable, you can test it and cook it, and you’ll discover something new.”

Echigoya’s goal isn’t for everyone in Tokyo to make everything they eat from Tokyo. I want to know that there is wine from Tokyo and vegetables made in Tokyo, and I hope that they will incorporate it into their daily lives.

“I think it’s okay to explore things that I didn’t know before. I’m not saying I’m going to eat something from Tokyo every day. Tokyo has mountains and seas, and if I extend it further, Ogasawara Outside. There are also islands, so there are tropical islands I think it’s a good place to eat.If given a chance to know about wine, some of the people at the winery don’t drink, but it’s still good. “

Echigoya-san, who first encountered vegetables in Tokyo, was the catalyst to open the winery. It can be seen that we value the “encounters” and “discover” and convey the charm of vegetables in Tokyo.

Japanese wine is kind

You can choose by tasting in the store

20 to 30% of the grapes used at Tokyo Winery are from Tokyo like Takao. Besides, we produce wines like Yamagata Delaware and Aomori Steven.

It takes time to harvest Japanese grapes from summer to autumn, until now (end of March) has just finished the preparation for the 4th crop. The first year of producing about 500 bottles, but by 2017, about 10,000 bottles have been completed. alcohol.

At times other than preparing, I go to the farm where the grapes are grown to speak with the producer and check the status of the grapes at that time. At that time, he will bring the finished wine to the grape producer.

“I will definitely bring some wine this year, say I have made something like this. I met farmers and I am making it from the same grape every year, so I will. report on it. “
The farmer who has been with me the longest for more than 3 years now starts asking for cultivation and harvesting, such as “take it after increasing the sugar content” and “take it while still acidic”. Was.

Tokyo feels like everything about food, but surprisingly there were no wineries until the Tokyo Distillery was opened in 2014. With the opening of the Tokyo Distillery, residents lived in. Tokyo now has the option of enjoying wine with a variety of vegetables in the same location so you can visit the brewery without having to travel far. Was.

In addition to selling by bottle and by weight, Tokyo Winery also accepts tours of the breweries. We also have a coffee shop and drinks, so please check the website for details such as office hours.

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