Manufacturing Tokyo Shamo in a windy town Farmers’ management beliefs and agricultural philosophy

Land dominates the tastes of agricultural products

You can’t do good if the soil doesn’t suit

“If you go inside and hear the barking, you can immediately see how the chicken feels. It’s in a very good condition right now.”
A chicken coop filled with chicken crowing is called “Gayagaya” and “Cococo”. It was certainly noisy, but it did not make a sharp, penetrating voice and it was surrounded by quiet air.
Yoshihito Asano, who guided us, is the owner of Asano Chicken Farm in Akiruno City, Tokyo and the head of the Tokyo Shamo Chicken Production Association.
Experienced postwar food shortages as a boy. At the start of the high economic growth, Mr. Asano decided to raise chickens and sell eggs and turned to a PhD in agriculture, who knew about chicken for guidance. The story I heard there was “No agricultural product can be good unless the soil is suitable.”

Bird science (chicken)

With that as an activation, I explored the living bodies of chickens and birds. Birds needed light to fly and had evolved to be able to perform large amounts of exercise effectively with less muscle. That’s why I always get plenty of fresh oxygen in my body. The structure does not change even when the chicken is not flying.
With that in mind, I took my current position as a land where clean oxygen would not be stagnant and chickens thrived, and moved to 1964 (Showa 39).

The ideal town to raise chickens

“Pottery has also been unearthed. This is a good place for humans to live for a long time.”
Mr. Asano himself is old but energetic. It’s full of energy, and surprisingly you can fly in the sky by paragliding.
From above, you can see how the house was built, located on the north side of the river and the south side of the mountain. There are mountains to block the north wind, the south has rice fields. When it is sunny, the highland becomes warmer and the wind blows away. At night, the wind blows backwards and rarely calms down.
Whether it is rice, vegetable or meat, humans can help them grow, but cannot create them. That much soil controls the taste. Mr. Asano said that there is the nature of agriculture.

The Asano-style agricultural philosophy goes back half a century

Small-scale management based on your own beliefs

However, since the 1960s, around the time of the last Tokyo Olympics, the number of chicken farms in the area has continued to decrease over time, and now there is only one Asano chicken farm.
“The chicken farm manager at that time was wise to buy cheap food and keep a lot of chickens, so it was profitable. Everyone quit because of that, but I decided to make it smaller ”.
Shortly after the war ended, Mr. Asano was at Fuchu, where the US military base was located, observing how Americans bought eggs and investigated agriculture.
“There is no middle ground between the oversized farm and the size of family management. I thought that was the case with Japan. Not because everyone did it, but in the first place, theoretically. It’s based on my own beliefs. “

From domestic hens to developing the Tokyo Shamono standard

Contrary to the trend of mass production of broilers since 1965, we have bred domestic hens by feeding them the food we choose to produce high quality eggs.
It has gained an industry reputation, and Chicken Farm Asano is responsible for the development of Tokyo Shamono. We then formed a production and standardization association by raising eggs in the same manner as eggs obtained on the same chicken farm, and since 1984 (Showa 59), we have stabilized. bringing shamo Tokyo to market.

Looking for a free lifestyle

Since then it has been more than 30 years. The deliciousness of the Tokyo Shamo has been known by many people and the demand is increasing, but to fully satisfy the needs of the market is not easy. In addition to PR and sales methods, how to increase production volumes without losing quality is a major problem. Mr. Asano, who is energetic, has also had a slight decrease in voice on this mission.
“There are a lot of people who want to sell it, but if you set up a sales company, the producers will be subcontracted. It won’t be free. Feeder, chicken shop, processor, Wholesaler, If people are not good, it will not last. My dream is to create a system where everyone can say things comfortably. “
The hired and paid worker cannot be released. For Mr. Asano, who started farming and chicken farming in pursuit of freedom without being bound by extraordinary things, “freedom” is a keyword that needs to be respected above all else.

An area where agriculture and art are compatible

Asano, who lived vigorously as a painter, who had an insight into human nature and all things while taking care of chickens every day, and was a Mozart singing musician in the choir, could understand get chicken words.
“I’m satisfied, but I’m asking if there is anything else? This is the right situation. Because, like a human, if you have too much food, it fades and it dies quickly to spawn. eggs. The offspring must be left to lay, if not enough, it cannot be laid, and must be used rationally “.
To the avian breeders explained in the poultry house, agriculture and art seem to be in the same area.

Making and selling food is sacred

Mr. Asano gave the following suggestions for those who want to work in agriculture. “Handling food is a sacred job. People who grow up in affluence tend to forget it, so you have to have your own beliefs about what food is and what agriculture is. Just think about it. how to make a profit will soon get you in trouble.I want to be such a person because I will. I want you to do it with such a strong feeling. farming may be to regain a sense of being alive.