My Navi Agricultural Special Roundtable How To Sell Good Products-Talk About Brands and Sales Methods-Volume 1


■ Members involved

“If you have different faces, you can mix different businesses” (Watanabe)

Watanabe-san’s strawberry advertisement is an illustration of himself

: I am Watanabe from Kuraun Farm, Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture. My hometown is Tokyo, but I dropped out of college in 2015 because I wanted to work in agriculture and moved to Miyazaki. The produced product is strawberries. The first selling way is to become a strawberry. I dyed my hair green last year and magenta this year, and next year it will be strawberry-like tones (laughs).

:(Laugh out loud).

: Because I think that name is life. I post it on my homepage and I also work as a YouTuber. Also, my wife, who originally worked at an advertising agency and was able to illustrate, drew a four-frame cartoon about Kuraun Farm on the homepage. We are the only company in Japan that conveys a farmer’s lifestyle in four frameworks.

: This is Shibaumi from Shibaumi Farm in Insai City, Chiba Prefecture. Since 2009, we have grown about 150 vegetables free of organic pesticides. Mr. Watanabe has great content power.

: My wife is amazing (laughs). I can’t do anything. Just talk on YouTube. I made a video by imitating some TV shopping. One of my topics is making up of many different synonyms. I’m also a farmer, but at the same time as a performer, I also spin records and teach in schools. I think if you have many different faces, you can combine many different businesses. There was someone who watched my Twitter, read 4 frames and placed an order. I was happy.

: Are you selling almost directly?

: Only. It is the second work, but the technique is only lacking and insufficient.

: The second job was the hardest for me. It’s surprisingly easy the first year, but it’s not working at all in the second year.

: Cultivation and direct selling has been evolving since the first year. However, the gift delivery outside the province is not as well developed as I expected. In the first year, we pre-sell the strawberries before harvesting with cloud funds before planting. Like “Please help me”. In the second year, the buyer left.

: In the first year, it can be meaningful as a celebration.

: Currently 80% of buyers are acquaintances. From now on, if “call for help, complain” will not continue.

“Connecting the” good dots “” (Hasegawa)


: This is Hasegawa from Hasegawa Farm, which has been in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture for almost 70 years. Mainly animal husbandry, rice and wheat are grown under a dual farming method, asparagus and onions are grown as vegetables. Initially, all purchases and sales were transported by agricultural cooperatives. My father, now second generation, has a theory that he can eat if he is productive enough to fight the market crash. But then you don’t even know who is eating it. I am very shocked that there are no locally edible products even though I am doing community-based agriculture. I used to work at Hoshino Resort, but I started farming in 2013 and wanted to be a brand cow for the community, so I applied for a cow named Ashikaga Maru as a trademark. We are raising 700 children.

: Many.

: It’s a middle-sized class in the livestock industry. I want to increase the quantity to at least 1000. If it were 700, it would be around 300 when converted to annual shipment numbers. About 20 children a month. Even when we got a contract from a big supermarket, production couldn’t keep up.
More than that, I want to connect good “points”. For example, even if I sell wholesale to a restaurant, I want to see the farm and befriend a chef who cooks properly.
I was introduced to eat once and then sent a sample of this person and that person felt okay. It will take time. It’s not selling well. It’s a hassle and I think there’s a better way to do it, but I want to appreciate the brand’s image, so I’m doing it that way.

“I don’t do anything special, I cook the method decided” (Sagawa)

: This is Sagawa from Abe Pear Garden in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture. Our agent, Hideo Abe, is third generation. We make gifts and sell 99% directly. By the time of our predecessor, we had shifted to direct selling, and our customer base has been around for a long time. Even now, many customers find the eaves to buy. It is true that direct selling has the highest gross margins, but the biggest driver is to make customers happy to buy directly. Therefore, there are fewer routes for wholesale and system shipments than before.
We rarely start our own business. Just like Hasegawa-sensei, it feels like we’re starting a relationship with someone. It does not advertise or participate in local events. For those who have bought it once, we will notify you about it in the next season. We try to increase the number of customers by connecting as much as possible the “chain of gifts” that “we want others to eat”. I don’t do anything special, but how do I draw the decided method?

: You don’t want business, do you? In Tochigi prefecture, there is a store called Otowa Restaurant, where there is an influential chef who values ​​ingredients. I’d love to use it, so I went in business for the first time.

: The Otowa restaurant also used Western pears. “If Mr. Otowa is using it,” he is an influencer with many other business partners.

: The proficiency of those connected is also high. They use the ingredients carefully. A good “point” doesn’t have an odd connection.

: Our representative, Abe, is also ready to process transactions with Tobu Department Store, which has a strong local brand. By handling it, the product was confirmed and the customers who directly sold it were very satisfied. I think there is also a part to borrow brands elsewhere and share with each other.

Summary) Thinking to expand

I’m having trouble because I’m going to expand it. We came up with it because we wanted more people to know it and eat it. Today, with a wealth of tools to go viral, Mr. Watanabe makes his own advertising using video and SNS. There is something to gain from the attitude participants talk about and broaden.
What is the motivation to continue to fight? What are really simple keywords already there? Please also look forward to the second time.
(Next Monday)

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Interviewer / Written by: Teru Misaka

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