“Nagano Granola” with Japanese deer deer meat wants to increase game consumption

You cannot buy products everywhere

Nagano Province established a Wildlife Damage Headquarters in 2007 and has been promoting measures to avoid personal injury from wild birds and animals such as deer. Japan inflicts and reduces damage to agriculture and forestry. One of the methods that is spreading is the effective use of captured birds and wild animals (jibies). In 2012, the Shinshu Jibie Research Group was established (* 1). We are working hard to train hunters and invent and popularize Shinshu Jibie cuisine.

While learning about the local government’s efforts and participating in seminars, Mr. Harada commercialized granola, a mixture of dried deer meat, oatmeal, walnuts, almonds, etc., is steeped in sake and black pepper. Come to.

“I think meat-based products, such as canned curries, burgers and bacon, are the same no matter where they are sold and they’re not new. You can see it. at a souvenir shop and pick it up, but would you like to buy it as a souvenir and go home? I think if it’s not as appealing as a product, it won’t be repeated. “