New Look! Online market “” connects farmers and buyers directly

Distribute local stimulants

Vegetables have been brought to each region and region across the country through agricultural cooperatives and fruit and vegetable wholesale markets. Today, the powers of large supermarkets are stronger, distribution to the market is increasing, and fruit and vegetable dealers and Yahyakuya are finding it difficult to buy local produce.

Free competition has progressed and contracted shipments have increased, but I think regional distribution needs to be resumed. By connecting good farmers with buyers and deliverers, I want to make the food in the area even more interesting.

In collaboration with Tanaka Teppei of Agriquartet Co., Ltd., a young hope in the wholesale industry, we have built an online system in collaboration with IT companies. It is a confident job that experts in the four sectors of manufacturing, wholesale, retail and IT have repeatedly discussed and built.

Mr. Tanaka (left) has been in the fruit and vegetable distribution for more than 10 years and has visited many producers.

Mechanism of Yasaiseri 831seri

The vegetables harvested by the farmer are uploaded to my shop on the website, and buyers will see them and place an order. When an order is placed, the farmer will deliver the goods directly to the buyer. Payment will be made by Yasai Seri. Initial registration is also easy, so you can do it immediately if you have a computer or smartphone.

Instead of joining the wholesale market for vegetables and fruits, Yasai Seri conducts preliminary hearings from both farmers and fruit and vegetable suppliers to share information. By pricing similar parts, we eliminate as much mismatch as possible.

Yasaiseri is not a general online store. This is a site that allows a “series” to sell harvested fruit and vegetables in large quantities. There has never been a web site with series functionality. Since sales are essentially box-by-box, the buyer is assumed to be responsible for the purchase such as fruit and vegetable suppliers and Yahyakuya.

Advantage 3 of the Yasai Seri 831seri

One of the greatest strengths of online is speed. Agricultural produce is a seasonal grace from nature. Every farmer wants to bring fresh food so that vegetables made with all his heart can be eaten. Online, you can also upload the vegetables you harvest morning to afternoon and receive your order the same day. If it is shipped to actual market, it takes several days.

Unlike the market series, there are no intermediaries so the number of days and costs can be reduced. You can buy cheaper and better vegetables without having to go to the market.

Rather, I would recommend it to busy farmers. You do not need to create a delivery slip / invoice as you can pay the price with Yasai Seri. I am probably the only one to worry about taking time out of this.

Since detailed information on individual farmers is also available, there is no need to document business negotiations. It can also be used as your own homepage and has the advantage of being able to disseminate information effectively.

I want to revive local food with analog x IT

Farmers can spend less time on clerical work and business negotiation and more focus on farming. It is easier for suppliers of vegetables and fruits to buy good agricultural products. The Yasai Seri aims to be a system that realizes both.

I want to continue to develop Yasaiseri as a system that connects farmers and suppliers of fruits and vegetables to enrich local foods, not just a suitable website for agricultural products.

Photo provided by Cal Farm Kobe