Onion, Renkon, Asparagus … Surprise Vegetable Production Saga Agriculture Battle!

Onion is the second largest producer in Japan after Hokkaido!

The production of onions in Saga Prefecture was 118,800 tons (2015). This is the second highest figure in Japan after 812,200 tons in Hokkaido and there are about 3,000 farmers in the province producing onions. The southern part of the province, including the Shiraishi area, is said to be particularly suitable for cultivation. The sea breeze of the Ariake Sea has made the soil fertile and filled with minerals. Therefore, onions have been actively cultivated for about half a century.

Famous brand name is “Saga Spring Ichiban Onion”. This is a less spicy and mildly sweet taste, known to be delicious even when alive, without needing to be fried or stewed.