Only women selling vegetables Nerima de Women’s Marche

The reason is I like to talk to people

The “Nerima de Women’s Marche” held in Nerima-ku, Tokyo is a market run and sold only by women. It has been held 5 times so far, and it was decided to hold the 6th on Sunday, March 11, 2018. We asked Toshiko Shiraishi, the organizer, about why she started Marche. of women.

Mr. Shiraishi himself was born and raised in a peasant family in Saitama Prefecture. It was very natural for Mr. Shiraishi to marry a farmer. I’ve been doing farming as a family member on a farm for over 30 years, but I’m wondering if I could do more or if I could meet a female friend at the location. similarly, especially after raising a baby. My feelings will be stronger.

“I was wondering what I could do when I saw an adult child start farming on the Shiraishi farm after raising a young child. There are many elderly people around the Shiraishi farm. It was an era where you could shop in silence, so I wish I could load vegetables in such a place and go sell and talk. I love talking to people. “

Gather people on a bike

When I vaguely felt feelings for Marche, I was forced to push Mr. Shiraishi on the back, saying that the Marche Group started receiving subsidies from Nerima Ward in 2016, and I spoke to the Mayor of Nerima Ward. That is it.

“I had the chance to talk to the mayor and the farmer, but my husband couldn’t go and instead I went out. While everyone was talking about subsidies for agriculture, I thought it would be fun if There’s a Marche that the family can enjoy. I’m doing it. ”It was my first public announcement. Later, Nerima Ward also told me to do it because I had the budget. I thought I wouldn’t give it up again if I didn’t do it when I was told, so I tried it. “

Although the surroundings for women are changing, many farmers are responsible for cooking, so Mr. Shiraishi thinks it is better to talk directly with customers about how to cook.

“Women can both go to the market and cook. Women can use vegetables”.

I started planning that it would be a fun gathering if I opened Marche and did some shopping while talking to each other.

I went to talk to seven farmers of the same generation in the Urban Agriculture Division of Nerima Ward, and noticed that a 300,000 yen grant would be provided to the 600,000 yen budget, so I began to prepare.

The first thing I do is gather people. I have many acquaintances in the area where the Shiraishi farm is located, but I decided to talk to other areas. With a map of direct sales in hand, he drives a motorcycle while calling directly. At first it seemed difficult to get a “yes” answer.

“Since direct selling is the main pillar of agriculture in the city, men are the main sellers. Women are actively sowing seeds because they want to sell this and its vegetables in order to participate. Marche. It can be quite tricky. “

However, after visiting about 40 farms, many agree with Mr. Shiraishi’s enthusiasm, and at the end of 2016, we will begin the women’s march.

Protection with female protection

Currently, Women’s Marche is comprised of 22 farmers, with about 15 stores opening each time. All sales are women, and men will help even when they arrive. Even the people who usually stand at the table are in charge of distributing flyers during the day.

It’s been more than a year since its inception, but the women from the participating farmers learned how to arrange vegetables and how to write pops, and they improved their speaking skills.

“Usually women rarely go to the front to talk, but on Marche day, customers come to talk about agriculture and vegetables. Marche is only a few times a year, but I hope it is useful in everyday life. think. “
And, since it is a place where you can interact directly with customers, what the lady’s Marche thing is to “sell your own vegetables”. It sounds simple, but in other Marches, there are styles of selling vegetables in groups or with the help of local people.

“I am grateful for your help in preparing the tent, but I do not fundamentally help with sales. I want to continue selling my own things responsibly for many years to come.”

This year’s event date is March 11 (Sun). At the last event, there were children who helped with the mother’s shop with a loudspeaker, which seemed to be a festival. Opportunity to hear live from producers about agriculture and how to cook. Pay attention to the upcoming event and visit it.

The next event will be held on Sunday, March 11, 2018. From 10:30 to 14:00 at Heisei Tsutsuji Park.
In addition to the farmers growing vegetables, tubers and fruits, they also open restaurants and trade in synthetic goods.
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