Ownership system “OWNERS” connects producers and consumers directly

Establishment setting “OWNERS” wants to provide good products to consumers

“OWNERS” was launched by Mr. Tanikawa alone in December 2015 and commenced operations. He talked about how he started a business.

“When I do a PR company, I have the opportunity to interact with local authorities and manufacturers all over the country. Despite the fact that there are many special people about making good products, the information is. to urban consumers, I feel strongly that it’s not being transmitted.

For example, there is a talented tea farmer in Kumamoto prefecture who received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministerial Award. However, the tea he brewed was blended with other teas and distributed not as Kumamoto’s tea but tea from another brand area.

Unless you have a strong regional brand and the distribution and information network that goes with it, you cannot sell even if you make good products individually. I felt that when I talked to them. “

Mr. Tanikawa wants to deliver really good products that are made with the mindset and concern of farmers by connecting farmers and urban consumers directly. And, the “OWNERS” platform service of the owner system will be born.

Service started in December 2015 when five farmers gathered at “OWNERS”. After that, I met Mr. Kobayashi, who is also the representative director and co-founder. Mr. Kobayashi, who wanted to improve Japanese food and agriculture, resonated with the business model he wanted to realize. In September 2017, the two of us established ukka Co., Ltd. with a mission to “create the ideal form of agriculture and food that will continue 100 years from now”.

By telling stories, you can create really good products

At OWNERS, instead of selling mixed with other things, we want to sell while steadily imparting value, creating fans who are constantly in direct relationships and improving cash flow. Owners will participate. And we are looking for owners of the products we will be making a few months ago. Whoever agrees with the content of the recruitment, the payment in advance, when registering the owner and completing the product will be delivered to you.

When manufacturers join OWNERS, they can offer what they really like to the consumer at the best time. When we hire the owner, we are able to tell the story and the thinking behind the product, and the owners who are fond of it invest in a pre-purchase form.

For example, “Leafless Apple” looks ugly but tastes great. Because the leaves block the sun, the color of the fruit is not uniform, it can be said that it is not suitable for distribution to the general market.

However, the apples are really delicious that apple farmers believe are not the only apples on the market that look good. It is said that “leafless apples” do not take leaves until before harvest is very sweet and delicious. This is because the nutrients made from apple leaves are stored in the fruit and become sugar, making them sweeter.

“Regarding this leafless apple, in” OWNERS “, I will tell you exactly why” has uneven color, but the taste is great. “Consumers will understand that and become the owner. mine.” We can bring to the consumer crops that we think are truly delicious. “

Additionally, owners have the capacity to know in advance the shipping amount. In addition, a manufacturer can receive sales in advance because they have to pay a fee when registering as an owner. In other words, it can be produced in a planned way, and income concerns will be lessened.

Motivating farmers with real life sales and events

The activities of “OWNERS” are not limited to online. Currently, with the cooperation of restaurants, chefs use the menu of ingredients from the manufacturer. We also organize various events such as alcohol proposals.

Usually, in “OWNERS”, you subscribe directly to the plan set by the manufacturer on an individual basis, but in the future we have plans tailored to the consumer community. Recently, we are considering introducing a system that allows for bulk purchases of tower apartments in the city center. Some condominiums have hundreds of households in one building. In addition, there are people who are highly food savvy, which is a great advantage for manufacturers to join.

“If an apple farmer can contract 100 out of 500 households, the farmer will have a lot of revenue. Also, by bulk delivery, delivery and distribution costs have. can be significantly reduced.

On the other hand, sharing impressions and usage of the ingredients purchased by residents will lead to a revival of the apartment community. When the product reaches the customer, the customer can organize an event like a delivery party, and new developments can be born. “

Such new development of “OWNERS” will not only lead to the expansion of the sales channels of participating manufacturers, but also create new opportunities to communicate directly with consumers.

Food and agriculture will continue 100 years after ukka Co., Ltd. wants to look to the future

New Ukka Co., Ltd. was born in September 2017. We are looking at various business developments with the philosophy of “creating the ideal form of food and agriculture that will continue for 100 years.”

“We at the ukka want to change the way new agricultural products are distributed from various perspectives such as distribution and IT.

I think it would be nice to have a buyable distro while understanding the manufacturer’s story, its rarity and the platform including the production method, instead of just delivering like “real Products”.

In the age to come, IT will be indispensable to achieve these things. However, there are cases where it is not used well, and that is where ukka has its advantages.

If you know the basis and feel good to eat, or if you feel the meaning of a purchase, you will naturally want to say “party”. Not only is the goods distributed, but the producers’ information is transmitted, creating a relationship where everyone can see each other, and a feeling of gratitude is also conveyed. As a result, the well-judged people can continue into the future without leaving the farm. I want to create such an environment ”(Mr. Kobayashi).

In the era of mass production and mass consumption, while the really good stuff is buried, ukka Co., Ltd. conveys the attractiveness of the product and the manufacturer by conveying the intrinsic value of the product. It seems to breathe new life into Japanese agriculture in a style that is not bound by conventional values.