Promote agricultural products and expand sales channels! What is “sponsorship cloud farmers”?

The number of projects is 1,453 over 5 years, and the number of backers is 46,000.

Cloud funding is widely known, not just in the agricultural sector. Since its opening in June 2012, so far “FAAVO” has posted 1,453 projects. The number of cloud grants posted between July 2012 and June 2013 was 70, while the figure from July 2016 to June 2017 was 391, more than five times the figure over five years. I will.

“Because FAAVO is a cloud-funded network that specializes in projects that revitalize the region,” town / tourism regeneration “is the most popular cloud funding category that has been made to date, accounting for less than 20% of the total. Next, there are many types of “town / locality” and there are also varieties of “agriculture / fishery / forestry”, Mr. Kitayama said.

Furthermore, looking at the cloud funding advocates, it seems that about 46,000 FAAVO members have supported it at least once (as of the end of November 2017).

“A relatively large number of cloud proponents and sponsors live in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka. Most of the backers are in their 30s and 40s, by gender, male and female. It will be about half and a half. “

In addition, the number of projects with completion rates exceeding the target 100% reached about 54%, exceeding the majority. (Results July to November 2017).
“Compared to abroad, cloud funding in Japan tends to have a higher achievement rate. FAAVO considers the project you want to publish before release and gives various advice to the editor. At that stage. That could be the reason for the high performance rate. “

Where to finance cloud in agriculture

The agriculture and livestock sector cloud funding examples that have existed so far are used for purposes such as “I want to popularize agricultural products nationwide” and “I want to keep products agriculture with low yields in the future “. There is something to be done.

For example, a project was conducted to turn a fruit called “popo” that grows naturally in the Hinomiya area of ​​Misato town, Shimane prefecture, into gelato. Popo is a sweet and delicious fruit similar to mango, banana and pineapple, but ripens quickly, with limited harvest time so less commonly found on the market and is called a “ghost”.

A cloud-sponsored project was launched to raise funds to commercialize the gelato, hoping that everyone will know how delicious Popo is nationwide. The result was 300,000 yen from 67 supporters.

“Hebes-kun” who advertised the Hinata City special product Hebes

In addition, the citrus “Hebes” is a specialty product of Hinata City, Miyazaki Prefecture. However, with the aging of producers, the production volume has decreased. Since the crisis would have disappeared if left unaffected, cloud funding was made available to recruit Heves seedling owners. By creating a character called “Hebes-kun” and actively promoting it, it seems that around 3.45 million yen has been collected from 201 people.

“Introducing special products in a particular field that no one knows about, or putting the passion of cloud sponsorships in place will easily get feedback and sympathy, and at the same time easy to attract. support. It seems”.

It is important for the farmer to finance the cloud

From the cloud-sponsored editors, “I don’t think there would be such a reaction”, “I feel pervasive if I sympathize with the project”, “Even strangers support the project. “It was an encouraging thing for me to be. “And more and more people seem to be thinking positively about using cloud funding.

So what should farmers keep in mind when really planning cloud funding?

“The most important thing in cloud funding planning is planning. Get the people around you involved and come up with a variety of ideas. And from the ideas gathered, many people. said “If you choose” This is cool “and” This project is good “, I think it will be easier to get support even in actual cloud funding.

Also, we offer advice on the project, but since it’s the editors that actually do that, I want you to come up with a plan that incorporates your thoughts. “

In addition, the cloud sponsorship will inform about the project, including creating a site to recruit backers. Furthermore, once the project is completed, as a thank you for reaching the cloud funding, there will be jobs like sending the finished product back to the support person. There is also an opinion that people who actually plan the project are “more difficult than I expected”. Funding the cloud while on a farm is no easy task.

Therefore, Mr. Kitayama recommended, “By all means, connect with local people and groups such as NPO corporations and plan as a team.”

With cloud funding platforms gaining in popularity in the last few years, it is expected that the quality of the ideas will be further improved in the future. To appeal to local specialties, we will need unique ideas on how to warm up.

It is a waste to give up promoting important agricultural products because of the lack of funds and supporters. Using cloud funding to spread value to people can open up new avenues.