Spread the charm of vegetables from central Tokyo[Yahyakuya File: Makimura Vegetable Lol Store]

Wholesale, retail and take-out during the day and French restaurants at night

Located in Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, the area around Tokyo Metro Gaienmae Station is a trendy and highly sensitive hub for fashion and gourmet cuisine. In May 2017, “Makimura Vegetable Laughing Shop” opened in a different area from Yahyakuya’s image. The store has a trendy black style like the city atmosphere, at first glance looks like a restaurant.

That is why, while operating as a wholesale and retail Yahyakuya, at night, it is also a French restaurant “naître” where Mr. Rikuya Togashi, who has been enrolled in restaurants with stars for a long time, hone their skills. It is open.

During the daytime, we also sell lunch boxes and side dishes with a variety of organic vegetables. It’s a store where you can taste vegetables from a variety of perspectives, not in the frame of Yahyakuya. Makimura’s thoughts on vegetables, which he hone from his experience so far, have been incorporated into it.

First-class chefs praise the strong taste

Mr. Makimura had a long relationship with vegetables, starting with the establishment of Yahyakuya Organic in Fukuo City, Tokyo in 1999. However, at that time, the terms organic and no pesticides yet clearly recognized, so operations were not smooth and the store was closed for about three years.

Later, while working at an organic restaurant and in IT related work, he visited producers across the country on his holidays and bought organic vegetables home. As I continued my research on vegetables and the farmer, an acquaintance asked me: “Why don’t you introduce vegetables to the restaurant chef?”, It was a major turning point.

“When I brought a vegetable that I knew the chef introduced to me, he was very pleased that I had never eaten such a delicious vegetable. And,” I know. I will recommend it to the chef as well. “

The wholesalers are the best of the world, including Michelin-starred restaurants with specialty chefs.

“There are farmers like that, but why don’t you put them together in Makimura and hand them over to other restaurants?”, And the chefs asked me, and the network of farmers has expanded. The whole country has more than 100 farmers directly sending so fresh and delicious ”.

The deciding factor to the deliciousness of vegetables is soil preparation and aloe vera

What flavor of jelly has the highest praise from top chefs? Everyone is convinced when I try to eat a piece of vegetables that I handle. The taste of each vegetable is richly sweet and sour, you can feel the rich flavor creating a sense of energy when eaten.

“One of the reasons for the deliciousness is soil,” says Makimura. It seems that farmers who make an effort to understand the characteristics of the soil in the region can produce delicious vegetables.

“For example, the quality of the soil and the climate are completely different between the plains of Chiba prefecture and the highlands of Nagano prefecture. In each condition, how much farming you can do by facing the soil is the deciding factor. Thinking about the taste of the vegetable.

What was not good in the first year improved in year two and it worked. The third year was even better with that. In this way, agriculture is made up of records that accumulate throughout the year. Even if the fourth year fails due to bad weather, with three years of accumulation and four years of experience, it is possible to make new predictions and step into success in year five.

Although I have overcome many difficulties to learn, I realized that those who believe “will definitely make delicious vegetables” must be those who make vegetables that everyone will recognize “.

I would recommend eating delicious vegetables

The “Makimura Vegetable Laughing Shop” opened in May 2017 to recommend such delicious veggies that are filled with such passion, including how to enjoy them. During the day we sell colorful bento boxes with lots of organic vegetables and we also provide a lunch menu.

“I want you to feel” delicious “when having fun, not from the difficult story that organic vegetables are good for health and, importantly, vegetable farming, a place for everyone to know how to eat and cook well. . I started a double Yahyakuya like a restaurant.

Find out how delicious the vegetables are at lunch boxes and restaurants, buy vegetables used for menus and try to recreate them at home. I would be very happy if you could use it in such a process. “

Mr. Makimura said he wanted people to make eating vegetables a daily habit, triggered by “I want to go back to work because it’s delicious” and “I want to make it myself because it’s delicious”.

“I hope that the number of people who wake up in the morning and drink lemon juice in a glass of water, or eat our lunch instead of a convenience store lunch, will gradually increase.”

Where we set foot for 20 years after delivering delicious vegetables

The reason for choosing the area called Gaienmae was because we wanted to spread that deliciousness and customs to the world.

“It may not be the best place for Yahyakuya, but I want to start here from 2013 when the Tokyo Olympics was decided to be held. It’s close to the national stadium, and it will get more and more attention. This is a very informative field so I think it makes a lot of sense to spread the deliciousness of organic vegetables from a variety of perspectives. “

The Makimura Vegetable Laughing Store, which will enter the second round soon, will continue to increase the number of colleagues it works with. We are also looking at a multifaceted development beyond the boundaries of 800 stores, such as demonstration cooking classes, on-site vegetable sales and corporate partnerships. I am looking forward to the next development of the Makimura Vegetable Lol store, where the vegetables blend into everyday life and look forward to the big future.