The passion of a vegetable restaurant chef wants to convey “the bravery of the farmer” through the way of cooking

Buy vegetables in a healthy state without stressing them

Mr. Saito, a salaryman, entered the culinary world because he was impressed by the taste of delicious vegetables. When I got sick due to my busy schedule, I got a chance to eat vegetables and my taste buds became clearer and clearer. At that time, I recognized the taste of the ingredients and said, “Vegetables are so delicious” and decided to become a chef, saying “I want everyone to know about this delicious dish”.

After working at a French restaurant, I opened my own store. Among them, it is a natural process to create dishes focused on vegetables. People are more special about choosing vegetables, and they go to nearby farms about three days a week to buy their own vegetables.

“I think vegetables are creatures. Vegetables delivered to the market are stuffed into cardboard and piled up in a mess. That stresses the vegetables and reduces their flavor.” Saito said, “Each vegetable has one. In its own expression, the leaves of these delicious vegetables will last long and vividly. “

When I say, “I want to be grateful for the vegetables,” I always feel grateful for the delicious vegetables grown in the fields and the farmers who make them.

Put the manufacturer’s mindset on the plate

The concept of the restaurant run by Mr. Saito is “for people to discover the deliciousness of vegetables.” Just as I was so impressed by the deliciousness of the vegetables, I hope that by changing the mix of ingredients and cooking styles, you will discover a new appeal of vegetables and be surprised.

“Currently, we offer eggplant under 6 different cooking methods. We have chosen the right varieties such as raw, pickled, sea, steamed, roasted eggplant and eggplant for Bavaroa. You will be able to make new discoveries, saying, “Nasu will taste like this.”

In addition, by communicating with farmers, you will be able to know what farming ideas you have and what to think when making vegetables. Mr. Saito wants to capture the thoughts of such a maker and show it in the dishes on the plate. Seems very happy to hear customers say “vegetables are delicious”.

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Delicious taste of vegetables, bringing to mind the Japanese-style dashi broth

True to the name “vegetable restaurant”, vegetables play an important role in the dishes that Mr. Saito cooks. However, it is very difficult to bring deliciousness to vegetables. After trying many different recipes and spices, I found that it is better not to consume too much dashi juice.

All the vegetables Mr. Saito uses have a rich flavor, and they all come in full flavor. So it seems that the flavor of the vegetables is enhanced by a simple cooking method that adds just a bit of salt, rather than using chicken dashi juice.

“I tried many different dishes and went to Japanese-style dashi. When you combine dashi juice cooked with kelp and tuna, the deliciousness of the vegetables is outstanding. I wonder if it matches.”

Food education and Marche activities are also held to spread the deliciousness of vegetables

The desire to “know the deliciousness of vegetables” is not limited to my own restaurant. He participates in local culinary education activities and is also a teacher in cooking classes for kids.

“In cooking class, I always ask my child to bite raw vegetables. Morning harvest eggplants are so sweet that everyone is surprised. Heard, their taste buds are most developed when they were in elementary school. So I am.” wants you to test the taste of the vegetables at that time ”.

Sometimes we invite farmers to a cooking class. For farmers who often have little contact with consumers, they can see honest children’s reactions, which also motivates them to grow vegetables.

We also open Marche twice a month at the restaurant. We buy and sell vegetables from nearby farmers who are our business partners.

“Many people say: ‘There are delicious vegetables like this, I want to come back and buy’. I want everyone to know. “

I also feel a crisis in the value of vegetables because I look closely at the farmer’s work.

“While the price of fertilizers and equipment increased, farmers struggled to make it, but the price of vegetables has not changed for a long time, some customers said:” Cheap vegetables are fine. Of course, there are also examples of such examples, but as consumers we need to understand more that farmers are struggling to cultivate in the shadow of agricultural products.

It is a vegetable that I usually eat every day, but few people know its true taste. Through the activities Mr. Saito is doing, many people will be able to rediscover the attractiveness of vegetables in the future. And the value of the people to agricultural products and to farmers will change, and I think it will shed more light on agriculture.