Use is support! What are organic vegetables Ragri can ask farmers to grow and supply?

New possibilities created by the Internet! Bring great vitality to local agriculture

Currently, the number of Japanese farmers has decreased to 14.3% (2.09 million) compared to the 1960 total (according to the “Agriculture and Forestry Survey” of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water. real). Domestic agricultural products will not be as edible as they are today. However, Ragri is trying to change the status quo by incorporating the Internet into agriculture and revitalizing local agriculture.

Aging agriculture, lack of heirs, and more and more abandoned arable lands Solve several problems at the same time

In April 2017, to address the shortage of heirs among local farmers, Rakuten established Ragri with the joint venture company “Telefarm” which provides remote farming services in Ehime province and trains farmers. new nationwide. We recruit in raw form.

“In three months, 300 applicants from all over the country gathered. The average age was around 30 years old, and some women are already 20 years old. Even the younger generations certainly have a need to do so. (Ragri Management Staff) ”.
Trainees will have two years of training at Telefarm to learn how to use tractors, get JAS certified organic and collaborate with the government. In addition, by gaining experience as a farmer who is about to retire and become independent, we will contribute to the continued use of farmland and solving the problems of heirs. Vegetables and fruits produced under Telefarm’s proprietary farming methods, such as leaf growing, are considered to be difficult to produce organically, are ordered by the user through Ragri and sent directly to each consumer. . This new form of online transactions between farmers and consumers through Ragri is empowering to stabilize income for local agriculture.

Ragri participants spread across the country, combining farmers and consumers to revive regional agriculture.

And now Ragri farmers are starting to spread across the country, mainly in Ehime province, where the telefarm system is located. The farmers sympathized with Ragri’s commitment to solving the problems of Japanese agriculture and energizing Japan through agriculture, and were even more enthusiastic about growing vegetables. It can be said that bringing the trainees to rural areas and connecting with consumers through Ragri has paved the way for regional agriculture to regain vitality.

Directly from the production area! You can order the organic vegetables grown at home by farmers

In Ragri, the user asked the farmer to grow vegetables and the farmer received a request to start growing vegetables to deliver to the user. This “contract farming” between farmers and consumers gives the consumer the following benefits other than shopping at a supermarket.

Virtual experience growing vegetables with farmers

Delivery time of agricultural products at the request of the user is from 30 days to 1 year. Meanwhile, crop growth can be monitored in one of Ragri’s offerings, “Virtual Fields”. Virtual field is a virtual field displayed on a smartphone along with the growth of vegetables. By diligently watering the virtual field on the app, the index of “vegetable energy” on the virtual field will increase. Also, even in the actual field, the farmer takes care of watering, etc. when the energy level of the vegetables increases, so the user can feel that they are growing vegetables together with the farmer.

In addition, the farmers will send you pictures of growing vegetables with comments so that you can understand the actual growth of vegetables. It goes without saying that the flavor of vegetables monitored from seedling development is exceptional.

You can choose popular organic vegetables from many varieties

Depending on the season, you can choose from over 50 vegetables at a time, and rare vegetables include peas and beets. Although the price includes shipping but seems a bit expensive compared to supermarket vegetables. However, the feeling of growing vegetables with the same farmer and attachment to the vegetables grown with them are Ragri charms that are not found in everyday shopping.

Warm communication between farmers and consumers

In Ragri, there is “Ragri Connect” where farmers and users can communicate online. The text was filled with caring speeches for each other’s bodies and reports like “I ate well”, and warm conversations were exchanged positively.
“When the storm hit Ehime in September 2017, many users were worried about it. Anyway, there were many users who wanted to support farmers so I decided to use that feeling. I felt that. there will be more work to write (manager Ragri). “

“Interaction with consumers” is the biggest source of encouragement for farmers

Atsushi Okura, a tomato farmer

It is said that user interaction is a huge incentive to the farmer. In conventional agriculture, well-groomed vegetables can be accomplished simply by selling them to wholesalers, and the voice and expression of the consumer are barely visible.
“Many farmers are familiar with us but at the same time we also want consumers to know the process and commitment to growing vegetables. Some people go out to the field at 3am to take pictures of their crops because they want them to (Ragri manager). “
For farmers, Ragri is not only a place to develop markets, but also a place of valuable interaction with users, sparking an impetus to face agriculture.

Find and help your favorite farmer

Rakuten Ragri has created tremendous value for users, farmers and society. It is said that the number of Ragri users, mainly female users, is increasing steadily. Among them, there are many users who buy vegetables from their hometown farm and become fans after knowing the farmers’ feelings. Why can’t you find your favorite farmer through Ragri?