What is a custom vegetable? Are there any farmers specializing in production? Government supported movements

Some vegetables are difficult to find in Japan

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of restaurants handling quality vegetables such as organically grown vegetables and restaurants handling unusual vegetables. There are many types of cooking, and some of the ingredients used are vegetables that are difficult to find in Japan. For example, among the ingredients of Peruvian cuisine, the herb Wakatai, has a unique sweet aroma and the round chili is indispensable, but they are not widely distributed in Japan.

In addition, even when vegetables are relatively easy to find, there are various requirements, such as wanting to be smaller than the size commonly available in the market at restaurants that emphasize the serving size.

Answer the requests in detail

To meet this demand, some farmers specialize in producing customized vegetables. This is because cultivation takes time and effort, but if a good contractor can be found, a high price can be sold. In response to requests from restaurants, there are some places where the basic style is complete production by order, such as shipping cilantro for seasoning in the state of young leaves. For vegetables that are difficult to find in Japan, we can visit major overseas production regions to learn the know-how of cultivation.

Custom-made vegetable farmers value close communication with needy restaurant owners. It seems that he is trying to answer in detail not only taste and shape requests, but also requests such as trying a small amount of another unused variety.

Local government also supports customization

There is also a government movement to support on-demand vegetable production.

In fiscal 2016, Saitama Prefecture started a business to support areas of vegetable production on demand. Investigate which vegetables are needed for processing, such as dietary supplements from food manufacturers in many provinces. We will engage farmers who can take over the production and subsidize the costs of installing the necessary machinery and vehicles. The aim is to increase the competitiveness of vegetable production in the province. (* first)

If you see a rare vegetable at a restaurant that you arrive a day, it could be a custom-made vegetable. Behind the store’s realization of commitment appears to be the farmers’ enthusiasm and efforts to politely respond to their requests.

* 1 Custom production area development enterprise: Saitama Prefecture

The above information is current as of February 20, 2018.