Wheat grown for ramen! Aim for 3,000 meals per month with “Noodles Beauty”

Until “Ra-Mugi” or “Chikushi W2” is created

Fukuoka Prefecture is also one of the largest wheat producers and boasts the second largest production output in Japan after Hokkaido (* 1). However, most of the wheat produced in Fukuoka prefecture is udon, while ramen is dependent on foreign wheat.

Therefore, in Fukuoka prefecture, in order to discover a new demand for wheat, we developed a “Chikushi W2” for ramen. We started selling wheat for ramen, selected by the public, under the nickname “Ra-Mugi”.

“Currently, ramugi is sold to noodle manufacturers and ramen shops through flour mill companies, mainly in Fukuoka prefecture. There are 200 ramen shops using ramugi.

Noodles made from ramugi are firm, hard to boil and light in color. Nishihara says it’s a perfect ramen that can be eaten in Fukuoka, such as Hakata ramen, and goes well with thin noodles.