Why do French restaurants in Yahyakuya use organic vegetables

Open a double-named restaurant in the same store

Representative Makimura (middle in front row), Deputy Representative Miyazaki (middle in back row), and Chef Togashi (right in back row). Commemorative photo of famous French chef Alain Ducasse (left in back row).

After studying abroad in France, chef Togashi worked at two-star Michelin restaurant “Pierre Gagner” after returning to Japan. Later, he gained experience at “Restaurant Crown” and met Mr. Makimura when he was the chef at “PORTUS” in Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

“At that time, I was selling vegetables to ‘Portus’. One day, I got a chance to eat and was very impressed with” Wow! “Including all the decoration and presentation,” I am making such a delicious dish. “I was surprised, from there, I found the time to go to” Portus “.

At that time, a member who was a chef at the Makimura Vegetable Laughing Shop was sick. In my hurry, I got Togashi to help me. That was the motivation for me to officially be appointed as the chef in August 2017, “Makimura said.

Mr. Togashi also liked the deliciousness of the vegetables and herbs that Mr. Makimura undertook. In addition, Mr. Makimura was impressed with such enthusiasm that he always came to eat once a month in his busy schedule, and decided to join the ranks.

In the past, the Makimura Vegetable Lol store was mainly the wholesale and retail Yahyakuya. The store’s interior is completely renovated with the opportunity for Mr. Togashi to join the ranks. From October 2017, it was renovated into a double-named restaurant “Makimura Vegetable Laughing Shop” during the day into a casual restaurant and Yahyakuya, and into a large-scale French restaurant “Nettle”, where Mr. Togashi works hard at night. ..