Yahyakuya becomes a farmer Towards a comfortable production system “New agricultural system”

Yahyakuya makes vegetables, delivers them and sells them.

Mr. Ito (left) and Mr. Nobuyuki Kojima, who oversees the production division

“Kagurazaka Vegetable Plan” is a fruit and vegetable store that sells vegetables from all over the country, especially in terms of freshness and deliciousness. A small privately run store is preparing to have its own area in the suburbs of Tokyo. Mr. Ito wanted to change not only vegetable production but also the entire agricultural system. Mr. Ito said: “In parallel with the agricultural loan from Japan Finance and Policy Group, we are in the process of preparing for serious vegetable production. It seems that the field will start planting from December 2017 at the earliest. “I think bringing the homemade vegetables to the local direct selling office and selling them, or buying them directly in a supermarket in the city center is a common sight. We go one step further and DIY vegetables. I want to deliver and sell. “

By continuously doing production, delivery, and home sales, freshness will be significantly improved and by reducing the production-to-sales margins, it is said that it aims to stabilize. further determination of agricultural income.

Morning vegetable delivery to Tokyo on the same day

Seems like setting up a field in Tokyo is also a big point. It is said that vegetables can be transported to ward 23 at the earliest within an hour. “Vegetables harvested at dawn can be lined up at the store in the morning. The freshness of the appearance is completely different, so the customer will be able to directly communicate the deliciousness of the ingredients.”

Mr. Kojima, a partner who grows together in the fields, talks to other farmers, and the number of management members is steadily increasing. At launch, we aim to grow leafy vegetables such as salad dressings, kale and caramel, and ship all year round, saying “I want to make leafy vegetables with a strong flavor. comparable to meat and oil. “

“We plan to take care of fields with about five people, including Mr. Kojima, with the prediction being relatively large. In the unfortunate case someone gets sick, we will prepare an environment for us. Can produce and ship properly. I want. “

We will not neglect to create a fundamental system to dispel the negative image that agriculture is difficult and unprofitable.

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New value is needed when the whole of agriculture changes drastically

“I think there are still few people working in agriculture as an enterprise, who want to transform an industry that is difficult to generate big profits,” Ito said.

Looking back at the current agricultural system, one of the problems Ito argues that production sites tend to be overwhelmed by the growing and transporting of vegetables every day. To solve this problem, he wants to have more time to produce vegetables to meet the needs of consumers while sharing technology and information with neighboring farmers.

Mr. Ito visits many farmers across the country in search of vegetables to treat at Yahyakuya. The photo shows a farm along the Shimanto River.

“By entering the agricultural sector, Yahyakuya will not only be able to produce, deliver and sell at home, but also open up more possibilities,” Ito said.

By sharing the in-house production technology and knowledge with other farmers, a horizontal connection will be made for individual farmers up to that point. By cooperating with each other and producing at different times, a common transport and distribution system is created throughout the year. You can also reduce shipping costs by transporting the fruits and vegetables of nearby farmers with your own deliveries. In addition, the daily delivery of fruits and vegetables helps you stay informed of demand and information from both production and sales locations, making it easy to improve your existing systems.

“I want to create a highly flexible system that can be used by anyone by making it more open rather than monopolizing information.”

Take a big step from Yahyakuya onto the field

Why did Ito, who wanted to start a business when he was a student, chose agriculture?

“Looking to the world, TPP has problems and growing food demand in emerging countries, while domestically, there are various problems such as aging producers and loosening the legal system. The environment surrounding agriculture in general I always feel that it is undergoing great changes both domestically and internationally. Agricultural change in general is a very scale story, but I think even A small amount of strength can help me too, so in the agricultural world I started thinking about starting a business. Basically, I like to eat, and one of the possible reasons is that I have a longing. thirst for major industry. “

Kuromaru radishes of a farmer in Biei-cho, Hokkaido

Mr. Ito smiled bitterly, “I really want to go ahead with this project at a higher speed”, but he has passion and the power to do everything from store managers to business partners. new, ordering, accounting and HR. It is not normal.

If Mr. Ito’s first step in agricultural reform was “Yahyakuya management”, then this “field management” is likely the second. I really look forward to the future of Ito, who will surely continue to make great strides.