You can! “OWNERS” owner system platform

Share producer stories and consumer experiences

On the “OWNERS” page, the agricultural and processed products of producers from all over the country are displayed. We are looking for owners who understand manufacturer’s commitment and rarity and pre-order. If you want to be an owner, enter necessary information such as the shipping address and billing information of the item to complete the registration.

However, once you become the owner of the “OWNERS” platform, you don’t just have to wait for the product. Viewing the process of making a product on the “media page” is also very interesting.

For example, let’s say you become the owner of a “whole grain perennial cheese” produced by “ASUKA’s Cheese Factory” in Mukawa village, Hokkaido. Usually, cheeses are sold in a triangle shape, but with this scheme, whole-grain cheeses are produced to the owner and delivered after a 3-month incubation period.

In the meantime, the farmer posts the ripening status of the cheese and the farm’s status on the media page, and the owner looks forward to the delivery date while checking the status.

“It’s really interesting to think that you have your own cheese on a Hokkaido farm. Furthermore, ASUKA tagged the owner’s name on all the cheeses in the aging period.” It will be posted on the media along with the message.It has a premium feel and the owner is very happy.

Consumers feel close because they convey the farmers’ personality and feelings

At first glance, the mechanism is very simple, but it seems that “OWNERS” owners tend to feel familiar with the manufacturer.

When registering as an owner, some people texted the farmer: “I want to give the crops I have delivered as a gift to my husband”. There was also the owner’s daughter who sent a letter thanking the farmer for coming to the crop, saying: “I am looking forward to next year”.

“First of all, on the current distribution market, information about” who makes “does not appear on the board. Whether it is the method of” seeing the name “at the direct sales office or supermarket, the name Any writing or picture is fine, it is glued to some degree.

Even in online sales, there are services such as buying at a general shopping site and ending it, or just pushing the farmer’s face forward as a PR, and in fact, the product of the Different manufacturers will come. Current sales practices do not convey information on the manufacturer’s side. There is no way to search and there are very few ways to buy it directly on an ongoing basis. “

In “OWNERS”, we will explain the regions and backgrounds of the manufacturers.

“Mr. A’s bride and Mr. B’s bride are different. I like it because it offers direct buying after building long-term relationships with farmers through the media. Will grow.

That is why I think many people want to tell the farmers something. On the other hand, if there is such an environment, I think a lot of people want to communicate with farmers. “

We are special about quality as well as story

At OWNERS, the person in charge visits the producer and listens carefully to “what do you think about the product” and draws farmers’ thoughts and commitments. And we’re disseminating information along with the charm that we really feel at the site.

If you are far away, you can use the Internet call service “Skype”, but we will listen as carefully as we do in person.

Of course, we also emphasize the quality of our products. However, the standard is different from the existing distribution.

“In the present distribution, the shape, the color, the weight, etc. are the key value standards. These are not values ​​seen from the consumer side, but the convenience of the distribution, for example. such as being easily carried or sold is a standard made by.

We do not have such a standard, but a value that consumers consider delicious, such as its taste and texture. And we place great importance on conveying value, including information such as the foundation and methods of production, to consumers, “Kobayashi said.

Not only the plot and quality, but because there are both, many people support. In addition, warm communication will be generated because the “OWNERS” itself, as the source of information, is sincerely confronting the producer.

Truly interacting with consumers with the benefit of “farm experience”

Some producers exchange facts with “farm experiences” that invite owners to their own farms to harvest and grow.

“It was a good incentive for the farmer to hear their impressions like” Thank you “and” Delicious “from the owner who visited the farm, Mr. Tanikawa said.

The “OWNER” is not the end of buying the desired product, but the attractive thing is that the consumer can stick deeply with the manufacturer. We also want to offer suggestions for making connections as much as possible.

It’s no wonder new farmers gain new fans through their farm experience. The exchange is not limited to time, and will continue forever.

Circles spread over the SNS

The communication between the owner and the manufacturer that goes beyond the platform is known as the “OWNERS”.

The mango package subscriber posted on SNS that “I have become the owner of the mango!” And share your impressions when it comes. One mango farmer was viewing the post and happily said: “There are people who are very satisfied with the mango I make”.

OWNER IS NOT just a one-to-one interaction between owner and farmer. Now that SNS is increasingly widespread, information is disseminated through owners who want to share their joy, and be able to connect with many people.

“The Internet will allow producers and consumers to interact, regardless of physical distance. In the future, owners will be able to share information and create communities in OWNERS. In addition, I want to create an environment where it is natural to make purchases by acquaintances or while communicating. “

“OWNERS” scrutinizes the manufacturer’s mindset and product story. I want more people to eat important products that have been manually bred. And it’s a very compelling service for manufacturers who want to know. If you are interested, please join us.