A Christmas Camel – Give The Gift Of Life To An Animal!

We Combed The Continents And Found Gifts That Are Timeless!

Have you ever thought about giving an exotic one-of-a-kind gift this holiday season, that is not only original but helps animals in need? A reindeer, cow, gorilla, or camel might not fit under your Christmas tree or Hanukah bush, but adopting a pet or donating to organizations benefitting animals is forever fitting. A recent Animalfair.com readership study found that 91% of pet parents will give their furry friends gifts this holiday season, with 62% choosing the gift of puppy love – more love, hugs, kisses, and play time! The following are unique and authentic ways for you to give gifts that make a significant difference and keep on giving long after the holidays have passed!

The Holidays

As the hectic holidays approach, don’t have a cow, do what Oprah did … and give a cow! Heifer International, a charity that is focused on caring for the earth and ending hunger and poverty, provides available farm animals as gifts. With a donation, an animal is given to families in need all over the world. For example, a goat or cow will be given that supplies milk to a family. Thanks to your generosity, lucky families will “moo-ve” on with their lives.

For more information visit: heifer.org

A Gorilla Of A Gift

Every year, animal lovers adopt dogs and cats, but have you ever thought about adopting a gorilla? Before you get into monkey business and decide to call a contractor or architect to expand your home, you can simply leave the gorilla in the jungle – and adopt! Through the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, when you give a donation an endangered gorilla will be cared for in your name or the person you gift.  For more information visit: gorillafund.org


A Christmas Camel

The greatest gift a parent can give a child is teaching the benefits of bettering humanity. By having your family donate to The Thorn Tree Project, the struggling Samburu children of Northern Kenya will receive the proper tools they require to attend school and learn. And if you buy a camel (gives 8 times more than milk than a cow), the children and their families will receive the daily nutrition they need! Camels & Christmas – has a ring to it!

For more information visit: thorntreeproject.org or clodaghcares.org


Protect Santa’s Reindeer

Santa and his reindeer are synonymous with the holiday season. The National Wildlife Refuge Association (NWRA) protects various animal refugees and wildlife, including the reindeer by bringing awareness and creative strategies to conservation. If you want to give a gift that means something special and ensures the holiday reindeer for years to come, you can choose a ‘Honk if you like Refuges!’ or ‘Protect the Arctic’ decal, or even a plush stuffed polar bear! For more information visit: refugenet.org

Shelter From The Storm

This holiday season give the gift of animal protection to the endangered ones! Animals across the planet from the North Pole to south of the border are fighting for survival everyday and welcome shelter from generous donation givers! International Fund Animal Welfare provides the opportunity to protect some sweet seals or cuddly cubs in exchange for gifts such as a picturesque calendar or animated stuffed animal.  For more information visit: ifaw.org

Shop & Save (An Animal)

Making a difference and saving a pet’s life never felt this good and as easy as going on a wild shopping spree! Bring Pets Home is working with a whopping 140 retail stores, including; Walmart, Zales and Macy’s to help the millions of shelter pets find loving homes during this joyous time of year. Portions of your holiday purchases are automatically donated to shelters all over the nation! For more information visit: bringpetshome.org