Charming Bed & Breakfasts That Welcome Four-Legged Guests

Beautiful antique furniture, big fluffy robes, extravagant breakfasts and intimate settings are what most often come to mind when thinking of Bed & Breakfast inns. Handmade doggie treats, however, is one luxurious amenity that would not normally be included. The truth is that more and more inns are accepting, as well as pampering, four-legged guests.

If you decide to take your pet with you to stay at a Bed & Breakfast, here are ten tips for an enjoyable and relaxing getaway for both you and your pet:

1 Plan the itinerary around your pet. It is key to book accommodations that are pet-friendly. Visit:, which lists more than 400 pet-friendly inns in 300 cities around the country. With so many to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect bed and breakfast for you and your pet.

2 When booking, tell the innkeeper that you want to bring your pet. Some inns have policies regarding the size, weight and type of pet that they can accommodate. Make sure you find out if the innkeeper requires any special deposits or extra fees to cover your pet’s stay.

3 Find out if there are animals that live at the inn. This helps to avoid any potential problems for your pet.


4 Ask about designated rooms for people staying with their furry friends. These rooms are often located on the ground floor for easier access.

5 Upon arrival, remind the innkeeper that you are traveling with a special guest. Some inns provide a goody bag for pets that include treats, pick-up bags and information on local veterinarians and pet-friendly establishments.

6 Ask if there are any restricted and/or designated places for pets both indoors and outdoors. Check with the innkeeper about walking your pet through the gardens, along the shore or on trails. When outdoors, keep your pet on a leash and always clean up after him. Respect all the guests at the inn and their feelings about animals. This way, you and your furry friend can take in the lovely atmosphere that help make a Bed & Breakfast so special.

7 Innkeepers put a great deal of effort in maintaining a beautiful, immaculate house, and it is your responsibility to keep it that way. Wipe your pet’s paws every time he comes in from outside. Discourage him from sleeping on the furniture and cover all furniture and beds he might walk or rest on. Many inns provide special sheets, towels and beds for your pet so that he can relax in comfort too.


8 Put fresh water and food on a mat if you are feeding your pet in the room and try to keep your pet on the same feeding schedule that you would at home. Some inns will even provide him with fancy crystal dishes and homemade food and treats to let him know how pampered he truly is!

9 When you leave your room, refrain from leaving your pet behind. Most bed and breakfasts have policies against leaving your pet unattended. Crate your pet to avoid any unwanted situations if you are permitted to leave him in the room, and be sure that all employees of the inn know that your pet will be in there. Some inns offer in-room pet sitting services, as well as doggie daycare areas that allow your pet to socialize and play while you are away from the premises.

10 At the end of your stay at the inn, inspect your room for any damage your pet may have caused. Notify the innkeeper and volunteer to pay for any repairs. Pet-friendly inns know that sometimes an accident may happen and would prefer you to let them know right after it happens so they may deal with it accordingly.

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Doesn’t it sound nice to be able to go on a relaxing, intimate vacation that lets you bring your pet along? Many Bed & Breakfast innkeepers have said that some of their most memorable guests are pets and their owners. Hopefully your visit at the bed and breakfast will be just as memorable! provides listings for thousands of B&Bs and Inns throughout the United States. Guests can find the perfect B&B by searching more than thirty amenities, including location, price, activities and specific amenities like a hot tub or a full breakfast.