If your pet suffers from an illness or injury and traditional medicine has proved unhelpful, it might be time to switch to holistic treatment. More and more pet parents are turning to these natural, comprehensive cures as mainstream, chemically based medicine continues to produce costly, and often ineffective, results.

Founded in 1988, Phil Klein’s famous Whiskers Holistic Pet Store, located in New York’s East Village with a second location in Astoria, is lauded as a pioneering institution of the alternative holistic pet care movement in the United State. Started by married couple Phil and Randy Klein after their dog was diagnosed with bone cancer, the shop is dedicated to helping animals and their families who have lost hope in traditional medicine find natural cures, and to educating pet-owners about alternative care methods that can help healthy pets live longer, happier lives.

Rather than relying on invasive procedures and chemicals, Whiskers provides all-natural foods, homeopathic, floral, and herbal remedies, non-toxic toys, vegan treats, and many more products and services to compliment your environmentally-conscious pet-parenting lifestyle. Whiskers also offers home delivery, certified Touch Therapy, nutritional consultations, and a cageless “Rescue Cat Ranch,” where you can adopt a cat in need of a home.

When it comes to treating canine cancer, Klein has plenty of tips and recommendations derived from his holistic approach to pet care. One of the primary components of his regime involves the twice-daily administration of pre- and pro-biotics, which provide important immune system support. He recommends predigesting the food with enzymes the night before, so the process is less of a hassle.


Even if you aren’t able to prepare your pet’s supplements in advance, the process is well worth it. According to Klein, “A Whiskers dog will last 20 years, easy. I’ve got a cat that’s 27; it might be a world record!”

Tooth care, vitamins, and a good diet are also essential components of Klein’s wellness plan. “In my opinion there is no dog that is ever designed to eat dry food,” he notes. Instead, Whiskers dogs eat raw or organic, all-natural foods. He also advocates a specific kind of soothing handling of your dog involving gentle, circular massage.

Holistic pet care is a lifestyle choice. It might be difficult to get used to the changes at first, but Klein swears by the effectiveness of his method: “We’ve been doing this 25 years and in that period of time we’ve proved over and over again the concept. When we started, it was a word nobody knew; now it’s mainstream.”

To learn more about Phil Klein and Whiskers Holistic, visit them online.