Evaluation of Solo Smokeless Fireplace 2022

Outdoor fire pits like the Solo Range are an excellent way to extend summertime days into the night and even into chillier months. They supply light, heat and also (most significantly?) a location for individuals to gather around and make developer products! Some even have the ability to grill over an open fire.

At Good Housekeeping Institute, we check all types of residence and also kitchen area items from exterior fire places and also stoves to residence appliance producers as well as more. We examined a number of Solo cooktop designs, including the Solo Cooktop Bonfire as well as the Solo Range Ranger, to see if they’re really worth the rate. We also started evaluating Solo Range Mesa, the latest variation of Solo Cooktop, which is a small desktop computer version. One of the Solo Stove’s many compelling attributes is that it declares to be “smokeless,” so we wished to see if that was undoubtedly the instance. We likewise purchased test consumer examples last year when we checked our Cookware Award entries. (Looter alert: It’s a victor!) Right here’s what we located with our comprehensive screening:

What is Solo Cooking area?

The Solo Cooktop is a fire pit constructed from birthing stainless steel. While sturdy as well as able to withstand severe temperatures, it’s still light sufficient for one person to move around, so you can easily transport it from your garage to your yard and even to the camping area or buddies house. Our Principal Technical & Procedures Supervisor Rachel Rothman tested the Bonfire and resembled this sentiment: “It’s sturdily constructed and isn’t as well hefty to lug.”

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It comes in four sizes: the huge Yukon, the mid-sized Bonfire, the tiny Ranger, and the desktop computer Mesa. Each version includes a stand that allows it to be used on all kinds of non-flammable surfaces, according to the brand, consisting of concrete, lawn, various floorings and also even more. Solo cooktops are mostly recognized for being electric, supplying more warm and also a more pleasurable fire pit experience.


  • All designs are fairly light as well as sturdy.
  • They are virtually entirely set up. All you have to do is remove the pieces from the safety plastic bag and also area the removable inner ring in the gadget. When placed in the correct position, the ring will certainly assist route the flame back to the fire pit assisting it remain hotter and also preserve that temperature.
  • They can be utilized on all sorts of surfaces.
  • They include a lugging case.


  • The outside of the device becomes very hot. Usage extreme caution, particularly around children and family pets.
  • The first Solo cooktop, which we checked, called for to be committed empty the ash. Newer models now feature detachable ashtrays that make clean-up easier but will cost you a little bit extra.

Just how We Evaluated the Solitary Stove

We developed fires in both the Solo Fire and also Single Stove Rangers using hardwood. We have actually evaluated the preliminary configuration, ease of use, and also user overview. The units give lots of space to pile the timber and also permit correct air blood circulation, as well as the fire is conveniently fired up with the help of the heater.

We saw the fire throughout an hour and also fanned to it several times. Fires are quickly managed thanks to the Solo Oven’s wide diameter, shallow deepness as well as tough flame-carrying frame. We additionally checked the grill add-on to our grill examination method and cooked steaks and chicken thighs on it. Ultimately, we cleansed each one by allowing the Solo Oven trendy entirely and afterwards turning it over to pour the ash. The whole procedure requires time to ensure the fire is entirely out, and removing the ash is an additional step that requires a broom.

We after that kept one in the garage and also an additional outdoors, covered in the consisted of carrying situation, for several months. Even though the instance has actually faded and looks aged, the device still looks comparable to brand-new. We continue to use each regularly and also will certainly continue to upgrade new information as we have. We also sent 3 more Solo Bonfires to consumers that used them with no direction from us and also given responses on their experience.

We’ve examined Mesa as soon as until now making use of wood pellets to make s’mores by coincidence. We look forward to remaining to experiment and also utilize it more.

Are Solo Induction Stoves Actually Smokeless?

This image shows the perforated tray and also inner holes of the Solo Fireplace before first use.

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Solo kitchen has 2 hollow wall surfaces. It has holes around the border of all-time low of the outer wall and even more openings on the top of the inner wall surface. All-time low of the unit has an integrated perforated wooden stand and also a non-removable base for ash collection. As the fire wood burns, Solo Cooktop describes that air is taken out of the unit through the outside holes and also pushed back right into the system with the inside holes to create what they call a hotter secondary burn and also regarding primarily electric.

This photo shows the Solo Fireplace being used without smoke.

Excellent housekeeping

In our testing, the Solo Cooker was verified to be smokeless when it was warm sufficient. The flame could still be seen, yet it had no smoke. Rather, it emits something similar to the clear gas you see when you light a Sterno to maintain food warm. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that Cooking area Solo To be smoke as it heats up as well as scorches beginning to melt. When the fire really starts, the smoke will dissipate. “It was far better than what I thought of a typical unit,” says Rothman.

Can you prepare on the Cooktop?

This picture shows the Solo Oven Ranger after evaluating the grill frying pan.

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Cooking devices can be bought to transform the Solo Induction Stove right into a frying pan, grill as well as also frying pan. We tested the grill plate on the Solo Stove Ranger. The Solo Cooktop Ranger is additionally the smallest Solo Oven dimension, which makes it a bit more difficult to find the appropriate logs– the pre-cut logs you find in the supermarket are a bit also big. Nonetheless, they are an excellent dimension for Bonfire as well as Yukon. To make the best use of cooking devices, let them heat up completely and make certain that the fire is controllable and had in the appliance before beginning to prepare.

Should you acquire a Solo Induction Stove?

The Solo Induction Stove appropriates for both newbies as well as professional oven users. It was very easy to set up, consisted of an excellent flame and a fair bit of smoke once the fire was hot sufficient. Removing ash from very early designs can be a little bit difficult since you need to await it to cool down before transforming the whole point over to pour the ash, but the brand-new 2.0 models have a removable ashtray to address that issue. Some individuals may think that covering it up after each use is a nuisance, however we enjoy understanding that it is secured from the aspects as well as is less susceptible to corrosion as well as linked weathering. In terms of price, it’s ordinary contrasted to other fire pits that can vary in price from around $100 to over $1000.

The portability element is actually what establishes it besides various other guns that might be too bulky to carry or others that are designed to be simply a screen in your yard. Smaller sized dimension can be quickly carried to gatherings or outdoor camping trips. Generally, the Solo Induction Cooker is a great selection in terms of efficiency and also ease of use, two overarching information that we reviewed throughout our screening. The brand additionally provides a selection of devices that you can buy independently to make it the fire place of your desires, such as a lid to extinguish flames faster as well as a heat deflector for added warmth.

Specs of the Yukon Solo Cooker:

  • Size: 27 in|68.5 centimeters
  • Height: 17 in|43 centimeters
  • Weight: 41.6 lbs|18.9 kg
  • Product: Stainless-steel

Requirements for Solo Fire Stove:

  • Size: 19.5 in|49.5 cm
  • Elevation: 14 in|35.5 cm
  • Weight: 23.3 lbs|10.6 kg
  • Product: Stainless Steel

Specs for Ranger Range Ranger:

  • Diameter: 15 in|38 centimeters
  • Height: 12.5 in|32 cm
  • Weight: 15 pounds|6.8 kg
  • Product: Stainless Steel

Specifications for Solo Kitchen Grid:

  • Size: 5.1 in
  • Elevation: 6.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Material: Stainless-steel|Ceramics

Why trust Good House cleaning?

Nicole Papantoniou is the supervisor of the Cooking area Home Appliances Lab, where she’s been testing outside cooking equipment because she started operating at Great Housekeeping 3 years back. She is brand-new to constructing fires, which has actually verified that most individuals can utilize the Stove alone.

Rachel Rothman is the Principal Innovation Policeman and also Exec Technical Supervisor of the Good Home Cleaning Institute where she manages all screening. She also checked the Solitary Stove and placed it to utilize in the yard with her three young kids.

Nicole (she/she) is the director of the Excellent Housekeeping Institute’s Cooking area Devices and Development Laboratory, where she oversaw content and also testing related to devices, utensils, and kitchens and also food preparation. eating given that 2019. She is a seasoned product tester and recipe creator, having learnt the classic cookeries as well as culinary nourishment. She has worked in examination kitchens for tiny kitchen device brand names and nationwide magazines, consisting of Household circle and Female’s House Magazine.

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