Furtastic Hanukkah Gifts Your Howliday Hosts Will Love!

Sunset  Thursday, November 28, millions of people will begin celebrating the Jewish Howliday, Hanukkah. If you’ve been invited to a Hanukkah Paw-ty but have no idea what to bring, there’s no need to have a puppy panic attack! Here are some treats that your hosts and their furry friends will love!

1. ‘Chewish’ Treats! The purrfect surprise for any kosher dog, this delicious doggy gift box includes two Hanukkah inspired shapes – the Star of David and a dog wearing a yarmulke – sure to give Fido a feast of his own!

Price: $12.00; Visit: Barker and Meowsky

2. Chic Canines! Share the Howliday spirit with Fido with this festive Hanukkah bandana! Made of soft comfortable velour and complete with a jingle bell to give any dog a dash of Howliday flair.

Price: $7.19; Visit: Petco

3. Festive Feline Toys! Give Kitty a Hanukkah gift of her own with this fun bundle of catnip-filled plush toys! These four furtastic Hanukkah toys will keep felines busy throughout the furry Feast of Lights!

Price: $21.50; Visit: Copa Judaica

4. Doggy Dreidels! Let Fido join the Howliday games with this delightful plush dreidel! Dogs will love playing with this squeaky toy, just remember to keep the chocolate gelt out of paws reach!

Price: $8.00; Visit: Copa Judaica

5. Pious Pooches! These yarmulkes are cute and comfortable for Fidos and Felines who want to join in the Howliday prayers.

Price: $11.50; Visit: Barker and Meowsky