Sheila Rosenblum Is Horsing Around With Entrepreneurship


Sheila Rosenblum loves to horse around for play! Come work time, she’s still horsing around. How is that possible? She has converted her passion for horses into a successful business, as any normal person would do (not!). As the owner and founder of an all-female horseracing syndicate named Lady Sheila Stable, animal care is integral to her work. “I like bonding with the horses,” she says. “I always do the right thing by them.” Sheila has used one of the country’s top race horse veterinarians, Patti Hogan, and since 2013 has teamed up with trainer Linda Rice, who, Sheila affirms, truly loves horses and respects their individuality. The stable’s top runner, La Verdad, is one of the best New York-bred horses in training. Look out for La Verdad; we’re betting on him!

Sheila & company with La Verdad!

Animals are not only a part of Sheila Rosenblum’s  personal life, they are also a large part of her professional life. As a lifelong animal lover who only begged for two things as a child—dancing lessons and a dog—Rosenblum currently owns a cream-colored 8-year-old Havanese, New Guinea frogs, 50 Koi fish, and, of course, many horses. She believes in the power of loving animals. “And I think it should start when we’re little,” Sheila adds, noting that both of her children have learned a spirit of generosity and responsibility through their experiences with their four-legged friends.

Sheila showing off what she does best!

Sheila works closely with Green Chimneys, a program that utilizes equine therapy as a central component in helping children with special emotional needs. “The facility is breathtakingly spectacular,” Rosenblum remarked after sharing that she enrolled a foster child named Destiny whom she’s mentored for years.  “It’s a wonderland for any child who loves animals.” From seeing-eye dogs and various birds of prey, to fish, goats, pigs and horses, Green Chimneys provides a panorama of wildlife that most school children could only hope to see on a field trip to the zoo. The program’s underlying philosophy of animal therapy is about engendering love, compassion, responsibility and understanding.  “There is a warmth that speaks for itself in loving animals. It brings joy to your heart. What we get out is more than we put in,” says Rosenblum. It is apparent that if you love what you do, then you never have to work a day in your life. Sheila Rosenblum is living proof!