With the desire to help you understand, trust and use this website in the most effective way, BLOG ZYPI would like to send you the content of our “Terms of Service”. The right to use the Website and the Services shall be governed by and in effect thereon. We will terminate your access in cases of non-compliance with the provisions set forth in the Terms of Service. BLOG ZYPI may then automatically apply warning levels to you without prior notice.

The following is the content of our Terms of Service, please comply so that BLOG ZYPI can continue to provide the best and most relevant information and services.

first . Users may not arbitrarily download, post, send emails, use in any way to exchange, distribute or provide content that is considered illegal, contrary to the provisions of law. Especially content that is harmful, offensive, threatening or harassing to an individual, group, agency or readers. Do not spread content that worries others, content about the process of torture, promotes torture, or insults or defames others.

We also do not accept objectionable content, obscene content, incompatible with culture and fine customs. BLOG ZYPI does not allow the posting of content related to invasion of privacy of others, content that is hostile to the state or other organizations, content that expresses racist views, racial discrimination and many other condemnable acts.
In addition, you are also not allowed to post, use or abuse the services for the purpose of harming the health, perception, mental health, adversely affecting minors. BLOG ZYPI strictly prohibits all these actions in all related forms.
Users are not allowed to use the services of BLOG ZYPI to impersonate an individual, organization or impersonate an individual or organization to contact us. This is completely different from the actual association of activities with an individual or organization. Content must not be forged, manipulated, altered, or intentionally concealed identifying elements. The forgery will conceal, falsify the true origin of the content provided and sent through the service.
You are also not allowed to remove, change or interfere with the content of proprietary notices posted on our website. You also may not arbitrarily perform, license or authorize the modification, production of derivatives, translation activities, service changes on the website without the consent and permission of the Company. Website management.
You are also not allowed to arbitrarily use BLOG ZYPI’s services for commercial purposes without our permission. We do not accept the use to gain benefits for a third party. Do not use the service without permission and without permission to use it.
Do not use BLOG ZYPI to cheat. Do not compile, attempt to decipher or interfere, causing the technical structure of the website to be affected and changed. In particular, do not disassemble, destroy or attack any part of the website. Do not change, destroy, penetrate encryption technologies as well as security measures being applied by BLOG ZYPI to the website and provide services, maintain operations, store data as well as send activities. , receive and process information of BLOG ZYPI.
Do not collect any information related to our users. Information about other Accounts at BLOG ZYPI is confidential and protected. You do not have the right to infiltrate, monitor and collect or limit the access data of others and manipulate their personal information.
Do not post, send, email, provide or share in any way content that you do not own and have no right to share. Ownership and sharing rights are regulated by law and contractual relationships. Insiders, unauthorized posting of proprietary information, disclosure of confidential information in business as well as relationships serving recruitment activities, activities carried out under information disclosure agreements are strictly prohibited. illegal.
Do not post, send, email, provide or share in any way content that is copyright infringing, patent infringing, infringing, trademark plagiarism, content that is trade secrets, copyrights, or proprietary content of another party without their consent.
Do not post, send, email, provide or share in any way advertising materials or promotional information without permission. No spam spam, mass mailing, chain mailing or advertising or multi-level selling purposes. In addition, all other forms of manipulation and fraud are also not allowed.
Do not post, send, email, provide or share in any way any documents, malicious code, files or programs of unknown origin, which may cause the computer to become infected with viruses. , computer worms, trojans collect data. Any program or data that interferes with, restricts, interrupts, manipulates or destroys the operation, functionality, features and integrity of software, hardware, data, or telecommunications infrastructure, whether directly or indirectly are not allowed to use or distribute.
Do not obstruct or disturb the