The Scenic Pet-Friendly Town of Taos, New Mexico

Animal Fair Media’s Wendy Diamond, and her faithful four-legged companion Baby Hope, would never shy away from an adventure! The two recently explored the many pet-friendly aspects and exciting attractions of Taos, a scenic town in northern New Mexico, and were happy to learn that the historic area is full of fun activities, exciting culture, alluring hotels, and is faithfully dedicated to preserving its magnificent wilderness and many animals. Even Julia Roberts finds Taos inviting enough to call home for her and her two dogs! It must be the great weather, friendly neighbors, and endless animal-friendly activities.

Dogs dream big when they stay at the The Dreamcatcher Bed and Breakfast in Taos. The Dreamcatcher is a quaint bed and breakfast where you and your pet  can hang out on their luxurious hammocks, plant yourselves in their beautiful gardens, or take a relaxing cat nap before exploring all that Taos has to offer. The Dreamcatcher is only a ten-minute walk from the historic Taos Plaza and center of the town, which dates back to the late 18th century. Taos Plaza is known as the first place in the United States to fly the American flag for a 24-hour period. The plaza now offers a great selection of restaurants, galleries, and fun craft shops representing the rustic nature and Native American influence of Northern New Mexico culture. The best part about the Dreamcatcher is that you don’t have to feel guilty if you leave your dog behind for a day, since Jake, the owners’ dog, is not shy about being any pooches pal for the day. Your dog will be living the dream, and is sure to receive a treat or two while you’re out exploring.

Be sure to visit the The Taos Pueblo during your stay. This ancient Native American community is full of 1,000-year-old architecture, traditional homes with no running water or electricity, and an abundance of friendly dogs roaming the area, so you better love some canine attention. At times it feels as if there are more dogs than people around. Now isn’t that an ideal situation! The Pueblo People are very in tune with nature and their surroundings, and they view dogs much the same we do, as companions and family protectors. Since you are allowed to bring you pet, Taos Pueblo is like one big doggie play date; though, sometimes it gets so hot that the dogs will seek cool refuge in the non-operating ovens. Even dogs understand irony!

The Equine Spirit Sanctuary is a growing non-profit organization and volunteer-run treatment and rehabilitation center for unwanted and abused horses. The sanctuary believes in the healing power of horses and their amazing ability to intuitively connect and develop trust with humans even after abuse. The horses are loving and friendly, and they even like dogs. You can help support The Equine Spirit Sanctuary and their lovely horses through donations of supplies or money. Help a horse, help a human!

Three Baby Llamas!

The llamas at Wild Earth Llama Adventures may not be as accepting of dogs as the horses at Equine Spirit, but a guided llama trekking tour is an amazing experience nonetheless. Wild Earth allows you to explore New Mexico’s pristine wilderness from the safety and comfort of a llamas back. And yes, it is quite comfortable. Wild Earth is also dedicated to llama conservation, as they take in a number of abandoned and unwanted llamas from throughout the region each year. Feel free to donate to Wild Earth’s llama rescue efforts.

taos dog

Pet-welcoming El Monte Sagrado is the way to go! El Monte Sagrado is a spellbinding resort offering luxury for you and your pet, inspired by Native American culture and the local Taos scenery. The majestic apple tree yard is great for letting your dog run free and doing their important – business! It doesn’t stop there, your pet will also bark for joy at the comfy doggie bed, in-room treats, and chew toy gift. Woof to that!


El Monte Sagrado has a number of available amenities and activities, from top quality dining to recreational activities ranging from Kayaking to magnificent bird watching.  Any outdoor activity, whether it’s hiking, biking, hot air ballooning, rafting, or taking a leisurely stroll with your pet is ideal, since Taos is a year-round destination.

Actor Jane Fonda said of El Monte Sagrado, “I loved it there. Every single member of the staff was ultra nice and helpful. The rooms were great, the food terrific and the spa perfect. I hope I return!” Even the English novelist and poet D.H. Lawrence called the New Mexico town his home. The resorts natural landscapes are the epitome of Taos’ rustic beauty and elegant scenery. The buildings are even uniquely constructed to resemble traditional pueblo homes, similar to those of the Taos Pueblo.

Enjoy a winter escape like no other  at El Monte Sagrado among the picturesque Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The scenic and award-winning Taos Ski Valley presents a spectacular ski vacation, after you and your pet can warm up inside at this rejuvenating and relaxing quiet retreat and re-treats for your pet!

If you are compelled by Taos natural beauty and animal-friendly atmosphere, Taos also offers many pet adoption options. The Stray Hearts Animal Shelter and Humane Society are committed to providing the best care and shelter to Taos’ abandoned and abused animals. The shelter was initially funded by a large-hearted group of local Taos residents, and it has thrived ever since, which is not a surprise considering the obvious love and care provided for all animals and wilderness in the captivating town of Taos.